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Guess Who Pays If/When Obamacare Passes

Posted in Random Musings by laborlawguy on September 17, 2009

I still get a laugh out of all the people out there who think health care reform=free health care. Just walk into an office, get treated, and walk out. No bills, no copays–Uncle Obama gave it to you for free!

Let’s look at the employer mandate coming under Obamacare; the mandate  says that employers must buy insurance for all their employers or pay a fine into a government pool.

Your boss is just going to suddenly start paying for your health care, right? Mostly wrong. A survey by Towers Perrin found that 87 percent of employers were ready to cut salaries or employees to pay for higher costs associated with health care; only 11 percent said they’d accept reduced profits.

That’s one way to get free health care: Get terminated and go on Medicaid. So I guess is one sense, Obamacare might be free. But at a huge cost.

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