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Personnel Concepts’ Letter Not Out of Compliance?

Posted in Federal Labor Law, Random Musings, State Labor Law by laborlawguy on March 17, 2009

Personnel Concepts uses a slick mailer that tends to put the fear of Uncle Sam in its recipients, and it thus elicits strong reactions, some positive, some negative. Observers in the blogosphere have termed PC’s Final Notice too “tricky” or “deceiving” and even “out of compliance.” The latter is a cute take on words since the company’s business is helping other businesses stay in labor law notification compliance.

But at least one marketing hancho finds the Final Notice “brilliant” for what it accomplishes. The person never reveals his or her name but goes to great lengths with legal disclaimers. So the site all looks quite on the up and up.

The site is called Eyeing Marketing, and here’s what it says about Personnel Concepts and its marketing letter:

So I read the entire letter, which seemed like it came from the government (even though it wasn’t, but you get the point) telling me about the laws and the reasons why I needed to purchase the Massachusetts and Federal Law Posters from them, etc.   This damn marketing piece is BRILLIANT.  Personnel Concepts was able to design a piece and incorporate the “fear factor” very well into their promotion…..BRAVO!!!

If you’ve never gotten a copy of the Final Notice, you can read it here.