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12 Steps Every Employer With A Health Plan Should Do Now To Manage 2012-14 Health Plan Risks & Liabilities

Posted in Random Musings by laborlawguy on August 2, 2012

None dare call it fascism.

August 1 marked the effective date of yet another Affordable Care Act mandate:  the controversial contraceptive coverage and other women’s health preventive coverage benefits mandates.  Although many mandates have taken effect over the past two years, few employer plans are adequately updated.  Here’s some suggestions about what employers and fiduciaries responsible for group health plan sponsorship or administration and their vendors should do now to manage exposures arising from current Affordable Care Act and other federal health plan rules.  Following the Supreme Court’s June 28, 2012National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius ruling, most employers and insurers of employment based group health plans now are bracing to cope with radical changes in their health plan related responsibilities scheduled to take effect in 2014. 

While anticipating and preparing to cope with these future changes health plan sponsors, fiduciaries, administrators and advisors need to manage the substantial and growing health plan…

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