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Sin Bins: Big Brother Is Alive and Well in the UK

Posted in Random Musings by laborlawguy on August 4, 2009

I came across a story that’s really hard to believe. It appears that the United Kingdom has a program called Family Intervention Projects, sarcastically dubbed sin bins, that monitor suspect families and their treatment of their children.

So far, so good, but look at the mechanisms they use: First they install cameras in the families’ homes to make sure the children go to school, eat properly, and go to bed on time. Then they send out private security guards for follow-up and corrective home visitations.

I’d be laughing at this silly joke except it’s not a joke but a reality and a Big Brother nightmare at the same time. Some 2,000 families have already participated in (be subjected to is more apt) the program, and now Children’s Secretary Ed Balls wants to expand the outreach (stranglehold would be better) to another 20,000 families.

The program is designed to reduce the number of children drawn into crime.

There must be a better way. Waterboarding, anyone?


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