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The Eternal Health Care Song and Dance

Posted in Random Musings by laborlawguy on May 15, 2009

The Heartland Institute in Chicago, from whom I stole the title to this posting, has history on its side when it predicts failure, or at the very least, severe and negative unintended consequences from the latest round of health care reform, this one unfortunately taking place at the federal level.

Fortunately, the other failures all occurred at the state level and were soon abandoned when reality set in. However, Massachusetts, the most recent example, is hanging in there in its infancy, and now the Obamacrats want to copy it–despite its transparent failure, to wit, failing to cover everyone, creating long waiting lists for routine doctors’ visits, and last but not least, bankrupting the state by coming in at twice the predicted cost. More rationing is now on the table.

Read about those earlier lofty but failed health reform efforts–all aiming at universal coverage (never achieved)–in Tennessee, Massachusetts (the first time around), Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Kentucky, Maine and elsewhere in this article found on Opposing Views.

Then brace yourself for the blare of the trumpets and the lofty pronouncements of “universal health care in our time” (deliberate take-off on Neville Chamberlain’s Munich statement) by Barack Obama sometime later this year.

Then wait for your taxes and other fees to rise exorbitantly even as the line to your doctor grows ever longer–and the medicines and treatments available ever scarcer.


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