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Canadian Province Decides Not to Fund Sex-Change Operations

Posted in Federal Labor Law, Random Musings, State Labor Law by laborlawguy on April 27, 2009

I guess for a country that’s had a nationalized health care delivery system for years and years, Canada proves how tough it is to make cuts to balance the equation. I’d always heard of long waits and denied treatments, but now the governor of Alberta Province is facing flack for axing chiropractic procedures and sex-change operations from the list of covered treatments and operations. This, of course, is to save money in tough economic times–and it doesn’t hurt that the guv (actually, premier) is a member of the Conservative Party.

Here in the U.S. of A., with “Medicare for all” now virtually assured following the Democrats’ decision to go the reconciliation route in so-called health care reform, I’d always worried (actually, it’s a certain outcome) that a government takeover would lead to rationing in medicines and procedures.

However, if it took Canada this long to figure out that sex-change operations are pretty much non-essential, one can only hope that the Medicare bureaucrats here are as dunder-headed and slow as those to the north.

I’m not shopping for a sex-change operation, but if I need a hip replacement, I want that to be covered.

Now the question is: While funding sex-change ops, did the Province of Alberta cover hip replacements? If the answer is no, then you know the U.S. is in for a rough ride–unless you represent some fringe constituency.


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