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When Health Care Is Run Like the Post Office

Posted in Random Musings by laborlawguy on April 13, 2009

I’m not sure why so many people, outside of politicians, are lining up behind the government’s plan to take over health care. Hasn’t anybody visited the post office or the DMV, IRS, INS (now USCIS), etc. lately?

Lines, indifferent attitudes, nay, condescending, haughty attitudes, nonexistent customer service, poor quality work–gee, I can’t wait till those same fine qualities come to my local hospital.

I remember once about 20 or so years ago receiving a notice from a credit card company informing me my payment was late when I clearly remembered having mailed it in. I dutifully repaid the amount due with a late fee (which back then wasn’t as usurious as such fees are today). Then about two months later, my original payment was returned to sender (me) with the envelope half-burned–and no explanation!

As I noted above, just apply these standards, rather, lack thereof, and you can see the fix we’re going to be in as soon as the Democrats create another entitlement to tether them to a supposedly grateful public who will repay the favor by voting them back into office forever and ever until death do us part (which would be sooner than normal given a government-run health care system).

I was reminded of this awful fate of ours–Medicare for all–when I was otherwise laughing at how bad things are in our hospitals even before the government takes over.

Consider this incident: A respected trauma surgeon at the University of Miami by the name of Juan Asensio-Gonzalez, who’s even been featured on 60 Minutes, recently performed emergency surgeon on a young woman and left a one-foot clamp inside her when he sewed her up.

Dr. Asensio-Gonzalez even admitted he blew it, but the Florida Board of  Medicine decided to drop all charges against him.

Now here’s the really scary part: When the patient complained of abdominal pain and returned to Jackson Memorial Hospital, the attending physician had a hard time locating the clamp in x-rays even though it measured 13 inches! Worse, board member Jason Rosenberg, who was reviewing the case and is a surgeon himself, said it’s not difficult to lose even large objects inside a human body.

Dr. Rosenberg did qualify his comment by adding: “I know to the general public this will sound remarkable.”

I can think of words besides remarkable, doctor.

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