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When/How Did a Credit/Housing Crisis Become a Health Care Crisis?

Posted in Random Musings by laborlawguy on February 24, 2009

I must be missing something (but I doubt it). Suddenly, the banking/credit/foreclosure crisis, which is fairly evidently the root of all our current economic difficulties, has morphed into a health care crisis that must be fixed before the economy can recover.

Do I detect a hidden agenda when White House Budget Director Peter Orszag opens an economic summit by pinning financial recovery on the reform of health care? (I guess hospitals and doctors will soon be making loans to compensate for the banking system. Maybe that’s what he meant.)

Anyway, listen to this bit of obfuscation:

“The path to fiscal responsibility must run directly through health care,” Orszag told the gathering. “The single most important thing we can do to put the nation back on a sustainable (fiscal) course is to slow health care costs. It is the key to our fiscal future.”

“We can no longer let the urgent get in the way of the important,” Orszag said.

Too bad that the banking-housing-unemployment crisis, so joined at the hip, is just the “urgent” but not the “important.”

I can’t wait for those long lines to see a doctor and be told I have to go on a cheaper medicine because mine has been deemed not “cost effective.” Maybe, as I’m put on a medicine that doesn’t work, the medical providers will give me a car loan, or refinance my underwater home, since the banks by then will all be dead because they are only “urgent” and not “important.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Like part two of a stimulus plan that contains no stimulus.


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  1. Stacy Flemming said, on March 6, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Okay no offense against you but this just makes the world more depressing. Everyone votes for Jesus for president and then none of them know what he’s doing. They didn’t even know what they were doing. People were so quick to get the first black president. I think the hidden agenda was already there during the campaign trail. Didn’t you mention the magic wand earlier someone where on your site. Abra ca dabra. Poof everything is fine. I see a lot of smoke and hear someone shoveln’ sh**. Oh it’s Jesus and his white house disciples.

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