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Doctors Warn Offspring: Stay Out of Medicine, Kids

Posted in Random Musings by laborlawguy on February 11, 2009

My headline is a little misleading. What I’m referring to is a survey showing that 39 percent of physicians would not encourage their children to pursue the same profession. When you factor in other health care professionals, however, the figure drops to 20 percent, according to a survey by HealthLeader Media.

Reasons for not recommending health care ranged from “uncertain future” to “broken system” to “too much regulation, interference” to “poor compensation, reimbursement.” (Guess which group favored the latter reason? Right–physicians!)

Since the majority of health care professionals in general and physicians in particular would recommend their careers to their children, the question was posed as to why.  And the answer came back: 41 percent said it’s because health care is a practical choice with good long-term demand, while 40 percent noted that a healthcare career is rewarding personally or professionally and mentioned the value of doing good work and serving others.

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